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butterfly caught.

butterfly caught trailer

Three aspiring actresses set out to break into the cut-throat world of acting in Los Angeles. As each young woman is forced to face her deepest fears and insecurities, they all discover the lengths to which they will go to fight against failure. The promise of Hollywood is tempting, but what will they do when that promise is broken? How will they cope when pushed to their breaking points? Butterfly Caught offers a peek into the darker side of Hollywood's bright facade, exposes the seduction of fame and captures the thirst for relevance in a competitive city that cycles through talent and destroys ambitions.

- Anthony Digioia,

SilverScreen Analysis

“Fantastic Film.  It keeps the focus on the reality of the industry and captures what real Hollywood people experience everyday.”

- Ruth Maramis,

"Terrific!  Resonant and timely given the recent Hollywood scandal..."

butterfly caught.


Manny Rodriguez, Jr

director, producer, writer

Since graduating from CSUN with his film degree, Manny has been active.  Even with more than a decade of operational studio experience, he has completed five full-length screenplays spanning multiple genres.  Now having established Heckfire Films, he looks forward to finally putting his experience and passion to the test by taking the jump to the big screen.  His vision, ability to inspire, and nack for collaboration, will ensure any project or future endeavor will extend far past its original expectation.


Lisa Rodriguez

Lisa brings unique experience to the table.  After spending years as an actress and entrepreneur, she took her drive and passion abroad and built two successful companies regardless of the hurdles and difficulties of surviving in a 3rd world country.  Teaming Lisa to any project ensures attention to detail and a strive for perfection.  Her talent and love for films makes her a perfect choice to serve as an ambassador to any project.  Lisa possesses a B.A. in Communications from UNC, Wilmington and a history in the acting world that will serve to be helpful in any casting process.



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